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These are quotes I made while reminiscing in my head for long periods of time. I hope you put these quotes to use someday down the road of life!

The Power of God and Glory
Inspired by Richard Mullins song: "Our God is an awesome God"

By a dark mountain range
There is a tower centered standing still
An evil undead skeleton army approaches
Off to destroy the tower they realized it was holy
The towerís rays turned the sky from night to day for awhile
The skeletons became men and free from evil
They left praising God for freedom and salvation
They left knowing God was infinite and mighty forever.

What You Can Do
Inspired by Spirituality and Reality

What your mind cannot do, your body can do.
What your body cannot do, your mind can do.
What neither of them can do, your soul can do.

The Power of Voice
Inspired by Women Rights Activists

Even the smallest voice can be heard by millions of people.

Your Job is not School
Inspired by Dave Thomasí Story of Himself

Education gives you a job. A job does not give you education.

Everyday has Dilemmas
Inspired by Reality

Everybody has dilemmas, depends on how big it is.

Living Generations
Inspired by My Fatherís Story of his father

Mistakes of one generation may be corrected in that of another.

Rise or Fall
Inspired by the Movie Dogma

If Angels can fall, Then Demons can rise.

Inspired by my Parents, Dennis and Joanne Deitsch

You must follow in the shadow of another before you can create your own shadow.

Freedom: A Great Friend
Inspired by Tyranny and the movie Amistad

On the other side of the Gates of Oppression is Freedom.

Fury, Anger and Rage
Inspired by my anger problems and Buddhism

Fury, Anger and Rage are three beasts inside but, with Peace, Calm and Concentration, these beasts will be tamed.

Acceptance of Irregularities
Inspired by Goo Goo Dollís Song "Iris"

The only way the world will understand you if you step into the light and show them what makes you unique from everyone else and they will accept you someday.

Not a Second to Lose
Inspired by Moebius from Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen and MediEvil II

A second, like a star in the universe, a speck in time.

Get the Message
Inspired by the Bible and the biblical movies

God doesnít care what messenger you choose, as long as you get the message.

The Chain of Good Things
Inspired by Random acts of Kindness

If I do not influence good things upon myself and others, how will the chain keep going?

Hope Survives
Inspired by the Terrorist Attack on World Trade Center

When the Tower of Hope collapses, all you can do is rebuild.


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