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ANIMES I Watched

These Animes are ones that I watched completely. The first anime I watched was: Guyver which you are supposed to be 17 to watch, I watched it when I was 11. It is not on this list because I only watched ten out of twelve episodes.

Adventures of Kotetsu
Armitage III: The Poly-Matrix Movie
Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture
Master of Mosquition
Monster Rancher
All the Animes are edited and dubbed but Kotetsu. I do not see how they can edit that without getting rid of most of the jokes and I rented the subtitled version. I will only give the rating I think is fair and the main characters' info but not the stories you have to watch them and see for yourself.

Adventures of Kotetsu

Rating: This Anime I rated about: B+ to A-

Reasons: Funny (+), decent fight scenes (+), Very short Anime (2 episodes)(-) and for the guys some nudity (+).

Characters: Favorite Character: Linn and guess why?

Linn Suzuki: A girl who escaped her "mentor" by running from Kyoto to Tokyo. Meets with Miho Kuon to find Tetsujin, her older brother and she is given the name Kotetsu or Little Tetsu. She works for Miho Kuon at the Kuon Detective Agency.

Miho Kuon: She is the head of the Kuon Detective Agency. Her assistant is Mukai a pervert who wants nothing more than to sleep with the boss. She is being targeted by Taizo Minagawa for her knowledge of his bribes.

Taizo Minagawa: CEO of Minagawa Enterprises hires Tatsuya Mikado, a Kugutsu puppeter to go and kill Miho Kuon. He summons his trained assassin Kagari to kill Tatsuya after he is done the job.

Tatsuya Mikado: A Kugutsu Puppeter that is for hire and is a member of the syndicate. He fells in love with Linn after seeing her skill with the katana and in her natural form. He has some of the good jokes besides Kotetsu and Miho.

Kagari: The assassin of Taizo Minagawa. She was sent to kill Mikado after the job was done but Linn stopped her and she ran off wounded. During her recooperation in the forest she becomes a dryad and seeks revenge against Linn.

Oni Azami: Linn’s supposed mentor is over 100 years old but looks can be very deceiving.

Armitage III: The Poly-Matrix Movie

Rating: This movie is the four tapes combined and edited. This Anime I rated: B

Reasons: A bit revealing (+), exciting (+), disgusting ways of dying (-), mysterious (+)

Characters: Favorite Character: Renee Dan Claude for he is the most persistent psycho in the movie.

Thirds: A special type of robot that has some properties normal robots do not have.

Noami Armitage: A girl who is a detective for the Mars Police Department. Her outfit is not standard issue and probably breaks a dress code or two in the MPD. Her partner is Ross Syllbus, who just flew in from Chicago. And at the Train Station is where the case and the story begins.

Ross Syllbus: An earth detective during one of his cases involving the thirds, he lost his right leg and his lover. He hates robots ever since and he was sent to Mars due to reassignment. He meets Armitage and together they are going to solve the mystery of the thirds. Kiefer Sutherland is the voice of Ross in the English version.

Renee Dan Claude: An assassin made to annihilate the thirds. He is the biggest antagonist in the whole movie and he has his sights on Armitage.


Rating: This Anime I rated: B-

Reasons: Cool Clow cards (+), slightly funny (+) but a little dumb(-)

Characters: Favorite Character: Kero for he likes video games and bites Lei’s finger.

Sakura Avalon: This is a 10 year old girl who accidentally set the Clow cards free by opening the book of course called the Clow. She is given Kero to help her in the quest to capture all the Clow cards. She meets some more cardcaptors along the way.

Lei Shorun: He has trained all of his life to become a cardcaptor. He is a professional cardcaptor who barely gets any cards from all the episodes they have been in. He unwillingly has to help Sakura in capturing the cards.

Mei Linn: She is a martial arts expert but she is not a cardcaptor. She has no magical heritage or legacy needed to be a cardcaptor. She wants to be Lei’s girlfriend and always gives Sakura angry looks when she talks to Lei. And she is one of the reasons why Lei is slightly depressed.

Janie: She is one of Sakura friends. She takes pictures of Sakura capturing Clow cards and puts them on her website or her private scrapbook.

Kero: The guardian of the Clow cards taking the form of a stuffed animal. He gives Sakura advice and tells her what card it is. He plays this one fighter video game that looks cool. And one of his funnier moments is biting Lei’s finger.

Torre and Dad: Torre is Sakura’s older brother who always gives her a hard time and her dad is an archaeologist.

Clow Cards: The Cards power unleashed upon the world and each card has it’s own unique power.


Rating: This Anime I rated: A

Reasons: Bushido Blade meets Xenogears (+), Intense battles (+) and a good story line (+)

Characters: Favorite Character: Dilandau for psychosis is my friend and he is the psycho.

Guymelefs: Armor that humans pilot. Similarities: Mechs, Armored cores and Gears.

Hitomi Kanzaki: She is a High School freshman who was transport accidentally to the world of Gaea where the Earth and moon hang in the sky. She has these special abilities that no other person has. These powers are going to place her in difficult situations and she is being protected by the boy swordsman, Van Fanel.

Van Fanel: He is the prince of the land of Fanelia. He safeguards Hitomi from danger. When they get to Fanelia, he is made King. But not for long when the evil Zaibach empire crushes Fanelia. Van and Hitomi escapes to the land of Asturia with the Escaflowne, the legendary Guymelef.

Allen Schezar: A knight of the kingdom of Asturia and the pilot of the guymelef Scherezade. With his guymelef, he helps Van in bringing down the Zaibach Empire.

Merle: A demi-human cat who admires Van since when they were very little. She always is in love with him and dislikes Hitomi because she is getting too familiar with him.

Dilandau Albatou: A 15 year old boy who works for the Zaibach Empire to slay dragons with Guymelefs. His Guymelef is called the Alseides. His new order is to capture the Escaflowne and its pilot, Van Andrew Francis is the voice of Dilandau in the English version.

Folken Stratago: He is an official in the Zaibach Ranks and knows a lot about Van and Fanelia's Past.

Dornkirk: He is the emperor of the Zaibach empire being about 200 years old strapped into a gigantic life support system. He looks into the future with the help of an invention called the Destiny Prognostication Engine.

Millerna Aston: She is the youngest of the three princesses of Asturia. She is in head over heels in love with Allen. She helps Allen and Van in their crusade against Zaibach.

Dryden: Appearing later in the series, He is the son of a rich merchant and betrothed to Millerna from childhood. He dislikes war but being a merchant and caring for the peoples of the world is what he likes most besides Millerna.

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture

Rating: This Anime I rated: A

Reasons: Good fighting scenes (+), a bit romantic (-), a bit revealing (+), a nice storyline (+) and good bad guys (+). I gave each character, elements that describe their fighting most closely. I maybe inaccurate in some of the fighter’s elements.

Characters: Favorite Character: Hauer just because he hits on Mai and has that cool mask.

Terry Bogard: The man who defeated Wolfgang Krauser is going back to Japan to meet his friends. He encounters a girl called Sulia who is being chased by her brother Lao-corn. She take Terry and company on an adventure that goes back to the days of Alexander the great and across parts of the old world. His Element: Power

Andy Bogard: Terry’s little brother who has a girlfriend called Mia, who is a bit annoying. Andy admires his big brother and wishes to be a great fighter. His element: Energy

Joe Higashi: His last name I cannot spell so I just call him Joe. He is a professional fighter in the boxing ring and the only reason he is there is because of the money. The movie starts off in one of his matches. He wants adventure and some time to kill so he comes along and also wants a girl (like that is going to happen). His elements: Wind/Non

Mai Shiranui: She is the lover of Andy Bogard. She wants to get married but Andy always rejects. She is the weakest fighter in the group. Her elements: Non/Fire

Sulia Gaudeamus: The mysterious blue-haired girl who comes into Terry’s life. She and her older brother play a big role in the adventure. She falls in love with Terry after Joe, Terry and she arrive in Turkey. She does not fight but her element: Healing

Laocorn Gaudeamus: The older brother of Sulia. He has a blind ambition of getting all the pieces of the armor of Mars. But, Terry and friends constantly help him find the pieces by accident. He wants Sulia for a few reasons and that is one of his goals. His element: Mars

Hauer: One of Lao-Corn’s Henchmen. He wears a mask made of metal and precious stone for the eyes. He helps Lao-Corn take the Armor of Mars. He also loves to be close to Mai. His element: Wind

Jamin: Lao-Corn’s strongest henchman. He encounters Terry and his group throughout the movie. He is a former friend of Sulia. His element: Fire

Panni: Laocorn's only female henchperson. She wears an outfit that is arousing for guys. She is pretty much like Laocorn's Secretary in a number of ways. But, she is a decent fighter. Her element: Water

Monster Rancher

Rating: This Anime I rated: A-

Reasons: Cool monsters and attacks (+), Nice Characters(+), great bad guys(+), the only bad thing is Genki can be annoying.(-) I have displayed in ( ) the main type and sub type of the monster according to the game Monster Rancher 2.

Characters: Favorite Character: Ducken (Ducken/Ducken) he is the coolest toy monster in there.

Mystery disk: A disk with the Monster symbol on it. The monster symbol looks like a lizard grabbing the inner part of the disk. Each mystery disk contains a monster out of the 400 types of monsters on the world. When a monster dies, They become lost disks.

Lost disks: A mystery disk that has a dead monster and only Phoenix can bring back.

Shrine: A place to summon monsters from mystery disks.

Genki Sakura: A kid in the sixth grade who loves to play Monster Rancher. One day after winning the newest game before it goes to market. He daydreams in school and leaves school without his homework. By some accidient, he is pulled into the Monster Rancher Dimension. A girl named Holly with her monster Suezo are looking for the Monster disk that contains the phoenix. It will turn all bad and dead monsters back into good, living monsters. Andrew Francis is the voice of Genki in the English version.

Holly: A girl who accidently summoned Genki from a mystery disk. She is looking for the phoenix to defeat the evil monster called Moo. She was a normal girl growing up in a small village until Moo's forces destroyed her town. She took the magic stone that detects mystery disks and she looks for the phoenix. That is her determination to defeat Moo.

Suezo (Suezo/Suezo): The first monster they get. He is a yellow, one legged monster who's body is mostly just an eye. He has no arms so he uses his tongue as his arms. He knew Holly for 5-6 years. Some of his attacks shown are: slobber kiss, tail assault, gemma kick and teleport.

Mocchi (Mocchi/Mocchi): This is a cute monster who they get next. Who is pink and very annoying sometimes. He was summoned by one of Genki's CD-ROMs that came with him into the MR dimension. Mocchi is about 6 months old. His attacks shown are: Cherry Blossom Blizzard, Mocchi Cannon.

Golem (Golem/Golem): He is a huge, rock monster who tries not to fight because he thinks it is wrong. Golem was in a castle deep in the forest guarding a whole mystery disk garden. He did not want to leave with Genki because they would have to fight. But joined Genki to revive the disks in the garden by releasing the phoenix. His attacks shown are: tornado, roll attack, and fist-to-fist.

Tiger of the Wind (Tiger/Tiger): This monster is the fourth monster to join. Tiger was a bandit leading a gang of tigers of different types. Genki and company was attacked by him and all their stuff but their clothing and Genki's skates were taken. Tiger's gang was defeated by the Black Dinos(Dino/Monol) of Moo. Tiger's gang became lost disks and after a lot of thinking he joined Genki for the chance to fight and defeat Moo and also find out what happened to his younger brother Grey Wolf. His attacks shown are: Torpedo, lightning and blizzard.

Hare (Hare/Hare): He is the most treacherous Hare of all time. After pulling some dirty tricks on Genki and crew he joins originally for money, later he stays for the freedom of all monsters. His attacks shown are: Machine gun punch and Dragon kick.

Phoenix (Phoenix/Phoenix): This legendary monster is hidden somewhere on the planet. In the ancient times, the Phoenix was created by humans to defeat Moo. The ancient humans made a device called "The Final Gate" which would be used to separate Moo's mind and body. In the use of the gate, Phoenix and Moo lost their minds and their bodies collapsed on the surface. After that all the monsters became mystery disks. It's attacks shown are: ????

Moo (Dragon/????): Moo was created to control the evil and hatred in the monsters from the war that goes on for countless years. But, he took control and ruled the monsters until the final gate separated his mind and body. Now in the present day, Moo's mind attached to the body of someone very close to Holly. His attacks shown are: ????

Pixie (Pixie/Pixie): This monster is basically a 20-year old woman w/wings and a tail and in variety of different bikinis. She is one of Moo's big bad four. She was born into this world, a slave and when she became allied with Moo, she enslaved humans to mine mystery disks. She becomes good when Genki saves her from a building falling on her. Her attacks shown are: Lightning.

Big Blue (Golem/Tiger): He is the faithful servant of Pixie. His attacks shown are: fist-to-fist.

Gali (Gali/Gali): This monster is a white cloak with a cool pattern and his head is a sun disk with his arms are hidden in the cloak. He is the second of the big bad four that Genki meets. Gali deceives them into a trap where only Mocchi has energy and Mocchi eventually helping his friends they manage to defeat Gali with one of Mocchi’s super-moves. His attacks shown are: Gali Punch, Gali Strike, Gali Crush, Sun Cutter, Gali Finale and Gali Hurricane.

Greywolf (Tiger/????): He is the younger brother of Tiger of the Wind. When, Tiger fought Moo face to face. Tiger and his band were defeated and Greywolf was taken and turned into one of the big bad four. He sends his minions to stop Genki but he ends up being turned into a lost disk by a duel against Tiger.

Naga (Naga/Naga): the last of the big bad four. The one that led the attack against Holly’s village. Genki and friends with the help from their allies manage to defeat Naga and his tower full of minions. Hanging on by a thread Naga realizes why they are so strong and he makes the final plunge. His attacks shown: ????


Rating: This Anime I rated: B+

Reasons: Cool Pokemon and battle sequences (+), Ash’s personality and annoying actions (-), Misty’s personality and actions (-), Psyduck and Woebuffet being ridiculous (+)

Characters: Favorite Character: Brock just to watch him get rejected by every girl on the planet.

Pokemon: Creatures that live on the pokemon world as well as others supposedly. These creatures possess different special abilities and types.

Ash Ketchum: A 10 year old boy who comes from the town of Palett and he is obsessed with pokemon and his dream is to be a pokemon master. He goes through many hardships and situations along the way he finds friends and enemies. Favorite Pokemon Type: any

Misty: A girl who is a gym leader at Cerulean city gym. She is with Ash on his adventures because Ash destroyed her bike and she wants a new one and she won’t leave until she gets it. Favorite Pokemon Type: Water

Brock: The gym leader at Pewter city who wishes to be the world’s best Pokemon breeder. When he is not keeping his eye on the job at hand, he usually keeps it on the sights of the first pretty girl who walks by. Favorite Pokemon Type: Rock

Tracey: After Ash has competed in the Indigo Pokemon League, he moves his adventures to the orange islands which are in the oceans of the world. He then meets Tracey, A pokemon watcher who takes sketches of Pokemon and sometimes a cute girl. But, either Brock or Tracey are in the group not both of them at once. Favorite Pokemon Type: Any

Team Rocket: Jessy, James and a pokemon named Meowth travel together to catch rare and valuable pokemon to give to their boss. But they always lose to Ash and his friends.

Prof. Oak: A world renown scientist that researches various aspects about pokemon life and behavior. His lab keeps all the additional pokemon that all trainers from Palett capture because a trainer can only have 6 pokemon with him or her at a time.

Gary Oak: Grandson to Prof. Oak and rival of Ash. He tries to make ash feel small and weak in almost anyway he can. He also has 6 girls that usually cheer him on and Brock especially wants to meet them.

Officer Jenny: These blue-haired officers can be found in any major city around the world. Brock can also find out what is different about each of them in about 5 seconds.

Nurse Joy: These red-haired nurses can be found in any city with her faithful assistant pokemon Chansey. Brock can also find out what is different about each of them in 5 seconds just like Officer Jenny.


Rating: This Anime I rated: A

Reasons: Cool weaponry (+), The lifestyle of Vash (+), Excellent bad guys (+), Vash’s Methods of dealing with conflicts (?)

Characters: Favorite Character: Legato for he is a freak and he is cool with his psychic power.

Vash the Stampede: Being the famous outlaw who destroyed the city of July without killing anyone. He is being hunted for the 60 billion double dollars on his head. He attracts trouble wherever he goes. He has a positive attitude and tries to manage to save the day while making sure that no one dies in the process. His weapons: His three guns.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood: This traveling priest of the cloth is also an ace gunslinger who bears a human-size cross full of mercy. He helps Vash in saving the day and stopping the plans of the main bad guys and giving help to others. For some one who is a priest he doesn’t mind killing people though. His weapon: The entire cross he carries

Meryl Stryfe: She is an agent of the Bernandeli Insurance Society. Who is sent on an assignment to find Vash the stampede and stop him from causing more damage than he already has done. She hopes she is successful in her duties. Her weapon: The derringers under her cape.

Millie Thompson: A woman with the mind of a child and the body like a brickhouse and her height is her supremacy over everyone. She is Meryl’s partner in following Vash on his extraordinary adventure as the live with him through most of the episodes. Her weapon: A huge stun gun.

Legato Bluesummers: One of the main bad guys in the story. He is under the command of his master as well as commanding Midvalley the horn freak who leads the villians called the Gung-ho Guns who are willing to serve Legato and his master in the purpose to kill Vash. His weapon: His mind.

Master of Mosquition

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