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This section is the things I created. The Heroes are not real I created them on paper and other things I create will be posted in this section as well.


The following characters are people that I created from many sources of human culture and from my own mind. I hope you enjoy them.


Real Name: Arkvador
Name: Arkvador
Occupation: Soldier
Race: Suytur
Abilities: Weaponry up the a**

History: The Suytur were a race that literally thrived on war. The technology, the money everything grew when there was a war. When their technology reached its pinnacle if a Suytur Soldier died, he/she would leave a huge crater. The last war killed most of his race. He is one of the last Suyturs still alive. He has wandered his way to Earth in hope for a better purpose than war.

Real Name: Belvadarn
Name: Sekin, Tom
Occupation: Necromancer
Race: Vampire
Abilities: Necromanic Powers

History: He is a son of Dracula. His mother's name is Helen. She run away from Dracula when she was pregnant and got away to England. She gave birth to Belvadarn a couple months later. After the death of Dracula, he found out where his father's Necromanic books are: In China where nobody looked for Dracula. He found the hidden library and spent 500 years in there. Now in present day, his human disguise Tom Sekin plays as Belvadarn on a TV series.

Real Name: Crowvn, Walter
Name: TankX
Occupation: Covert Ops
Race: Human (used to be)
Abilities: A walking death machine

History: Born on Earth, He joined Covert Ops to get some quick cash to pay off expenses. When, he was married to a beautiful woman. They moved to Vega 6. He was still doing Covert Ops and one time when he and his wife were driving back home and they were attacked by a gang known as "The Liberation of the Vega System". They crashed and his wife was killed on impact. His body was beyond all repair but he was still alive. The people of Crater city found him and he was in statis and his mind was extracted and put into a TankX All-purpose war machine. His son and daughter he does not know what happened to them. TankX is determined to find them and with his new friend Xolmer. His search maybe successful.

Real Name: Demon Shell
Name: Matthews, Paul Luke
Occupation: Soldier
Race: Demon
Abilities: Demonic Powers

History: Since the dawn of Demons, Demon Shell pledged allegiance to the Demon King but in 1969, the Demon Queen killed the King. Demon Shell knowing this escaped from Hell and was born into this world Human with the knowledge that he is a demon. When, he was 20, his demonic powers came back. When he was angry at Age 30+, His pupils turned red, his fangs grew and additional fangs came out of his face. But, when calm he is completely human and he accidentally summoned Demon Hand to Earth when he tried to get the dead Demon King back. Now they both fight the queen. Along with Gold Axe, a seraphim holy warrior.

Real Name: Demonos
Name: Demonos
Occupation: Wanderer
Race: Demon
Abilities: Demonic Powers and Solar Energy

History: In the year 1013, A demon named Demonos betrayed his lord and was banished to Earth. With the exception of his head and left arm, the rest of his body was encased in a metal suit. But now in the year 3013, He installed his right arm with parts that can convert solar energy into a weapon. His moves are: Solar Demon, Solar Angel, Solar Titan, Solar Devil and consuming most of his stored energy, Solar God. He is now with a salvage group called the "A Dime a day". They wander the universe looking for fortune.

Real Name: Forgotten
Name: Illicid
Occupation: Criminal/discoverer
Race: Human
Abilities: Bio-Carbonic skin

History: He is the end result of the project "The Midnight Hour" in creating Bio-Carbonic skin. The bio part enhances his body and his carbonic part helps the alloy react with the skin more effectively. When he woke up with his Bio-Carbonic skin he touched a grenade launcher, a huge knife blade and an M-20. He looked into the mirror and was wondering what in all god's creation was he. He realized that the weapons he touched, his right hand shaped into those weapons and can use them. He destroyed the door with a grenade and stole a trench coat, a hat and a pair of gloves. He killed 15 guards on his escape. He now tries to find his past. While dealing with his criminalistic future.


Real Name: Gekza of Carfvan
Name: Gold Axe
Occupation: Soldier
Race: Seraphim
Abilities: Golden Axe, Holy Powers

History: The friend of Sovon of Kyleston or now known as Demon Hand. The battle where Sovon lost his left hand, Gekza was hit by shrapnel from a magic grenade his left arm was torn up badly. When Sovon lost his hand, he fought the hordes of enemies to give Sovon some time to escape from there but he was killed in the process. When entering Heaven for his bravery he became a Seraphim the highest order of angelic warriors. Every wound on his left arm became a tattoo of a stitch. His weapon a golden axe is still his weapon of choice. He now fights with Demon Hand and Demon Shell.

Real Name: Gladio
Name: Gladio
Occupation: Blacksmith
Race: Human
Abilities: Transforms into Gladio, Sword Techniques

History: Sven was a hardworking Blacksmith until his wife was killed by an unknown assailant. He managed to find an evil wizard who showed him where the assailant is. But, Sven knew that was not enough to kill him. He stole a vial and drank it. The vial had an inter-dimensional symbiotic virus. He can transform by saying: "What is done let it be so. Rise the monster Gladio". Since the virus is symbiotic he has amazing healing power and can transform back to Sven. Gladio is a completely black plated monster with four arms and swords coming from the middle of the forearm through the middle and index fingers and two feet from there. He fights his lover's killer and anyone who gets in the way.

Real Name: Ikeus, Phil
Name: Lucgod
Occupation: Mortal God
Race: Human
Abilities: Controls good and evil from a distance

History: A normal guy going through life. Until he is granted two relics from the Dream Realm: The Crown of God and the Bracer of Evil. With these two combined he can control good and evil in all things but of course only at a close range. Now he can shape people in his image, well spiritually. I got the name by mixing Lucifer and God together.

Real Name: Lorvin, Jake and Moss, Kalvin
Name: Morning and Knight
Occupation: Defenders of the Earth government
Race: Human
Abilities: GenoArmor, flight, weapons

History: The Earth Government is being sabotaged by an unknown force but the army would cause panic around Earth. So, the Earth Research and Development Department (ERADD) with a very little budget created two suits of GenoArmor. GenoArmor is virtually indestructible, looks like a knight's armor and gives the ability of flight. The armor is fitted for specific dimensions. Many surveys were taken throughout the world. The best candidates are Jake Lorvin and Kalvin Moss from the Northwest Hemisphere with Jake from Texas and Kalvin from Maine. Jake Lorvin is Morning he is called this because his weapon is the Morning Star. Kalvin Moss is Knight he is called this because he has a bit of honor. His weapons are stilettos, these are daggers that pierce chain-like armor very effectively and hurt very much. These two are transferred from Maine and Texas to Washington D.E. so they can defend the government easier.

Real Name: Rasvorin
Name: QuadWing
Occupation: Soldier
Race: Fallen Archangel
Abilities: Fly at mach speeds, Angelic and Demonic power

History: At the dawn of time when Lucifer fell, so did QuadWing but he managed to fall to Earth and not Hell where Lucifer went. He has two sets of wings: the normal set and a bigger set of wings that are behind the normal set so you can see all 4 wings. With his wings unfolded and he is lifted off the ground. He can move at mach speeds and also disguised as a human since he fell, he been waiting for a chance to get back into Heaven and show the archangels that pushed him off to Earth what he is made of.

Real Name: Robson, Eric and Julian
Name: Darklight
Occupation: Saviors of Earth
Race: Human
Abilities: Powers of Dark, Powers of Light

History:When the universe and man were created, so were demons. They enslaved mankind and then God created the great five to defend existence. The great five sent the demons to their prison but they escaped every five thousand years. Then, the warriors of Dark and Light were created. Now in the year 2000, Eric and Julian are granted the power of Darklight by the master, one of the great five. Eric is Dark and Julian is light. In a nutshell, their girlfriends and parents are killed by the demons. Darklight kill all the demonlords and if I have the opportunity I would have them fight and defeat all of the sailor scouts. Their additional powers: Dark: move 10x faster in darkness and is cloaked in darkness, has access to Darkworld w/ a ton of moves and super-moves. Light: Same except switch darkness to light and has access to Lightworld.


Real Name: Six Wheeled Drive
Name: Six Wheeled Drive
Occupation: Defender of Earth
Race: Robot
Abilities: Transform to his robot form

History: He is created to protect Earth from space pirates. In his normal form, there are six wheels: one big wheel in the center, one small wheel behind it, four medium wheels two on the side and two on the diagonal front. Each wheel is equipped with a laser and has to stop to fire it. All the wheels pop open and connect together to make his robot form. The small wheel becomes the head. The medium wheels are the arms and legs and also the big wheel is the torso. In his robot form, his hands can became circular saws and launch out. The lasers are also used in robot form.

Real Name: Soul Retriever
Name: Soul Retriever
Occupation: His name explains it
Race: Demon
Abilities: Magic Sword

History: 300 lost souls escaped from Hell and made their way to Earth. The Devil created Soul Retriever to find the lost souls and decapitate them to send their souls back to Hell. He is sent to the mortal realm and starts looking for them. If he fulfills this task, He will be granted a soul and mortality. He is given a magic sword with the ability to warp into other dimensions and once in a long while time itself.

Real Name: Sovon of Kyleston
Name: Demon Hand
Occupation: Soldier
Race: Human (Immortal)
Abilities: Holy and Demonic powers, Swordsman

History: Sovon was born on a far away planet where humans lived. The planet was a wasteland and Technology is in the medieval age and magic exists. One day, Sovon became a knight of the realm. And several years later, Sovon lost his left hand in battle and when the wizards tried to summon his hand back they accidentally got the left hand of the first and only demon king that ever lived. Now, he is about 1000 years old and summoned to Earth by Demon Shell to help defeat the Demon Queen. He was met by his best friend, Gold Axe, who dropped down from the high heavens to help also.

Real Name: Stikes, Daryl
Name: Darmon
Occupation: Student
Race: WereVampire
Abilities: Soul Devourer, Super Strength

History: Daryl Stikes is a 15 year old boy and just like all the boys he liked girls and wanted adventure. When, He was in New England coming from Florida. He fell into a pit leading into the secret house of Dracula. A voice told him to open the coffin and in it is a drink of Dracula's blood. He drank it and it was contaminated due to the 1000 years of exposure. He became a vampire that can shift into his human and vampiric form at will. And named himself Darmon. With his new power, he has more fun than ever before.

Real Name: Xolmer
Name: Xolmer
Occupation: Hunter/Tracker
Race: Namadian
Abilities: Arid Immunity, Night Vision, Telekinesis

History: He was part of a nomad tribe on the desert world Namadia. He hunted for food for his tribe. His weapon is called a "Flastem" and staff does not impale but constricts and he sets it to stun or kill. Stun just knocks the enemy out and Kill squeezes the enemy until he/she dies. On a hunting expedition, an Earth ship sucks him up through the vental ducts. He got off on Vega 6 where he met another creature whom is feeling weird with what he is experiencing and that person's name is TankX.

Real Name: Yavin, Ben
Name: SingularREX
Occupation: Space Marine
Race: Human
Abilities: Summon and dish out mini-black holes

History: He was an officer on the ship called the "Armstrong" until a stabilizer malfunction when it was in front of a black hole or singularity. Ben jumped into a experimental spacesuit designed to make sure a man doesn't get sucked into a singularity. Ben was propelled from the ship and was stuck into the singularity for 10 years and absorbed it's energies and also fed off of whatever the singularity took in. When he made it back to Earth. The pressure and vacuum of outer space no longer effected him. He can summon singularities as small as his hand to as big as a small building and anything or anyone who is absorbed he can dish it back out.


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