Dear Net Atlantic Customer,

This file contains a list of files that have been installed into your web site domain directory to help you get started with your web hosting.

1) http://www.ddbrain.com/index.htm 

This is the default home page which comes up when someone types in your domain name. You should replace (overwrite) this web page with your own home page. Generally speaking, it is best to use lower case letters for your web page files. Your home page can be named any one of the following:


By default, the server will look for and display the first of these pages it finds when someone simply enters your domain name. So if you have a web page called index.html in your main directory as well as a page named home.html, the index.html page is the one which will automatically be displayed by default.

2) http://www.ddbrain.com/sampleform.html 

This is a working sample form which you can use and edit. It uses a cgi script in your cgi bin called formmail.cgi. To learn more about this cgi script and how to customize your web page order form, you can view the help file at:

3) http://www.ddbrain.com/sampleorderform.html 

Similar to the sampleform.html, this working form can be used to take orders for products. You are free to modify and edit this form to suit your needs. It too uses the formmail.cgi script.

4) http://www.ddbrain.com/sampletellafriend.html 

This form allows visitors to your site to send an e-mail message to friends and coworkers about your site. You can edit this file however you would like.

5) http://www.ddbrain.com/thankyou.html 

This is the thank you page which comes up when someone submits information with one of your forms above. You are free to edit this file too.

6) http://www.ddbrain.com/robots.txt 

Once you have submitted your web site to the search engines, the search engines usually look for this robots.txt file in your directory. This file is normally used to tell the search engines which directories, etc. not to spider and include with their search of your web site.

7) formmail.cgi

This cgi script is copied into your cgi bin. It is used by the sample form and sample order form above. It is recommended that you do not edit this file.

8) http://www.ddbrain.com/readme.html 

This web page contains the information in the file, but in web page format.


Microsoft Front Page Users:  For specific instructions on using the Microsoft Front Page publish feature to upload your Front Page Web, see the special Front Page section of our tech support page beginning at: http://www.netatlantic.com/techsupport.html#extension


Here are some resources to help you find, download and use internet software:

Eudora E-Mail Program: http://www.eudora.com
Netscape: http://www.netscape.com
Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com
Tucows: http://www.tucows.com
Shareware: http://www.shareware.com
Download: http://www.download.com
Java Script Source: http://www.javascriptsource.com
Cgi World: http://www.cgi-world.com
Cgi Resources: http://www.cgi-resources.com
Paint Shop Pro: http://www.jasc.com

Net Atlantic http://www.netatlantic.com

Thank You for choosing Net Atlantic!